The World’s Most Advanced Technical Poling Skiffs.

Skiffs designed for anglers that fish on the edge and push the limits of their skills and equipment, including their boats. Maverick has been responsible for every significant breakthrough in flat boat technology. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Everything Else Is Just A Bay Boat.

When you think bay boat, you think Pathfinder. Whether you’re a serious tournament angler, a weekend warrior, or a family who wants to experience everything the water has to offer, there’s a Pathfinder model designed especially for you. Come inside and see the Pathfinder difference.

The Boat That Invented The Sport.

There’s no higher bar than the test of time. If you want a solid, stable, and bulletproof shallow water fishing tool with the versatility to also fish inlets, passes and bays, you’ve come to the right place. Hewes has been doing it longer than anybody.

Have It All.

That’s all you have to do because we’ve taken care of everything else. Because we know that with every extra attention to detail we take, you and your family’s days on the water just got better. So go make memories, live your dreams and experience the other side of the horizon.